Wool Layering System

Uncompromising design for uncompromising wool products.


Aclima is a Norwegian textile manufacturer established in 1939. They design and produce functional wool garments adapted to outdoor activities. The company’s long history of supplying the Norwegian military, police forces, polar expeditions, the outdoor market, and by maintaining close dialogue with target groups who demand quality and functionality, has given Aclima unique cutting-edge expertise.

Aclima is investing internationally and needed to be able to easily explain the flexibility of dressing in several layers, the value of buying the right garments – not many garments, as well as highlighting wool’s unique user benefits. In addition, it was a goal to reduce the number of packaging variants.


The task was complex and the ambitions high. We developed a concept that was both relevant and modern, at the same time as it should be lasting and gave a lot of flexibility. We were inspired by the values Aclima hold dear, quality and functionality, and developed a concept with a direct and essential design language – Aclima Wool Layering System.

The layering concept was made evident with rigid text hierarchy supported by signal colours that create visibility in the store. The packaging is made of recyclable paper, and by putting variable information on the front labels we were able to reduce the number of packages and create a more flexible solution. A gain in itself – both for the environment and logistically for Aclima.

“We are committed to making clothes of the highest possible quality that last for a long time, produced in the most sustainable way possible. We wanted the same for our new packaging design.”

Ole Magnus Halvorsen / Marketing Manager, Aclima

Film: Jørgen Håland
Photography: Calle Huth