Always in motion

Updating Telenor Norway’s identity and marketing communication assets with a motion lead concept.


Telenor Norway wanted to ensure a consistent and recognisable brand experience across channels, formats and phases in their marketing communication.

Visible as a warmer, more dynamic and future oriented brand to ensure that they are attractive to all segments.


With a motion lead concept we wanted to demonstrate that Telenor is a brand that does not stand still. They are up-to-date, lead the way, and communicate in a clear and engaging manner. Their visual identity assets adapt to new user needs, create better user experiences, and ensures that they are always recognised and remembered.

A brand thats shows that they care about their customers with the services they provide. A brand with more than 150 years of experience. A brand that focuses on innovative technology and always seeks for better solutions.

That is why Telenor is always in motion.