Culture and nature

A place for people to experience insightful cultural events among the diverse nature.


The vision for Bergen Botanical Garden is to create a place that inspire people to learn about botany, and to better understand how plants, environment, climate, people, food and water play together. ┬áThe garden is a place for experiencing both nature and cultural events – a cultural arena in nature.


The pattern is the basis for the solution, and it is shaped from water and plants in the garden. The letter form is created by movements from the pattern, and it became one natural representative for both Bergen and Botanical. The visual identity gives the garden a personality that is more than a traditional botanical garden. It is a place you can experience more – both culture and nature.

bergen botanical garden area shown from above with its logo overlaid in white
animation showing the concept for the logo for bergen botanical garden branding
bergen botaniske hage posters featuring the singer sigrid

bergen botanical brand typography with the typeface chap and gt america
the symbol for bergen botanical garden overlaid on a girl holding a maple leaf
signage for bergen botanical garden saying welcome to the japanese garden
bergen botanical website frontpage with a feature of harry potter and lars vaular
book design cover for bergen botanical garden with its logo symbol and illustration printed on a yellow surface
coffee cups floating in the air with branding for the bergen botanical garden