People and competence

The two main pillars of Haavind law firm unified in their new, flexible identity.


Law firms in Norway compete to attract the best talents and clients. In a conservative category founded on trust and competence, the firms also need to align with the expectations of society on topics such as inclusion and sustainability. Haavind has the ambition to be leading within this category and is focusing on increasingly important sectors such as technology and renewable energy.


Haavinds new identity spotlights the power of collaboration that forms when people come together and share their competence. It is this twofold interaction of Haavinds people and competence, law and business, lawyers and clients that represents the core of the law firms purpose.

The design solution is flexible at heart, adapting to various media and audiences and directing attention to the most important issues at hand. By using unusual elements for the category such as illustrations and animations, Haavind stands out. Choosing a brand colour palette instead of one signature colour means that Haavind can adjust when needed, depending on the audience and context.

Business cards in various brand colors spread out on a surface
Identity with illustrations and photo on social media posts
A modern design concept is important to attract talent and clients. It draws attention and tells a story that is important for us.

Nicolai Heyerdahl, Communication and Marketing Director, Haavind

3 images showing the photostyle

Illustration: Dominic Kesterton
Photography: Sara Angelica Spilling