norwegian meteorological institute stationary elements

Protection of life

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s mission includes “the protection of life and property”. This demands extensive scientific knowledge, but also advanced communication skills.


Through its weather forecasts and climatological reports, The Meteorological Institute(MET) contributes to the protection of life and property by offering relevant information. Whether you are a helicopter rescue pilot in the North Sea or just want to dress your children properly on a cold day, MET’s identity must be recognizable and consistent throughout all its communication.


The new brand strategy and visual identity was developed during a process involving all of MET’s organization. The circle and graph of the logo is an image of the knowledge MET needs to fulfil its task – climatological and meteorological research as well as its result – a free flow of data and information. It also offers associations to sun and sea or moon and mountains. In all situations dependant on correct and clear information regarding the weather, MET can be relied upon.

norwegian meteorological institute signage showing their brand symbol

branding detail of a folder for the meteorological institute
the entrance at norwegian meteorological institute with signage and their logo on the facade
A clean, sober and relevant design, well suited to unite the organisation. …The result is a robust, innovative and trustworthy expression, no matter the weather.

Visuelt Prize

norwegian meteorological institute stationary element with spot varnish of their brand pattern
norwegian meteorological institute business cards notebook in white with text embossed
a stack of norwegian meteorological institute business cards
norwegian meteorological institute brand image of boat at sea measuring weather data