Safety and fun

Blending industry-leading innovation with the finest artistry available to create the safest and most advanced protective gear and apparel.


When Sweet Protection started in the year 2000, the goal was to “create superior protection inspiringĀ people to push their boundariesā€. This is the driving force of everything Sweet represents. Sweet wanted this to be crucial in their visual communication, logo, packaging design and the overall visual identity.


Sweet is about security and rough attitude. Based on this insight, we created a visual universe consisting of few but clear design elements. Through simple yet distinctive idiom, Sweet Protection should appear as a “no-bullshit” brand with innovative expertise on the most important aspects; protection and fun.

a brand image of a person with sweet protection clothing off piste skiing
a brand image showing the typographic style of sweet protection
a closeup of a person wearing a branded sweet protection helmet
Superior protection inspiring people to push their boundaries.
sweet protection products with the new logo laid on a white surface
a brand image of a sweet protection helmet with the brand typeface

sweet protection packaging with branding stacked on top of each other
sweet protection catalogues and communication material laid on a flat surface
a black glove with the sweet protection symbol printed on
closeup of some garment with the new sweet protection logo printed on
a brand image of a closeup of a person with sweet protection clothing with the logo overlaid