Shaped by sounds

The logo and identity of The Norwegian Academy of Music is shaped by live sounds from the academy’s concert halls and canteen. All activity is visualized to become a tool for involvement and expression.


To develop powerful visual identities and effective communication, we must know our clients’ target audience, but we also need a deep understanding of their organizations and internal culture. The Academy of Music discovered that their target group knew very little about what actually went on at the college. We began our work by collecting information, through workshops with the management, interviews of students and staff, as well as researching the attitudes of potential students and visitors to the academy.


We based the visual identity on an infinite sound wave, created by actual sounds from the college’s premises. Students practicing, conversations in the canteen, applause in the concert halls is recorded and converted to graphic elements, the building stones of the visual identity. In all, these elements produce an ever-expanding pulse line created by and for the students, staff and visitors.

signage with geometric symbol on the building of norwegian academy of music
opening concert for the release of the new identity for the norwegian academy
tshirt tote bag and print matter with geometric shapes for the norwegian academy of music
cd covers with branding elements for the norwegian academy of music
sample elements with the orange brand color and geometric shapes for the norwegian academy of music
The Norwegian Academy of Music can take pride in an engaging, vital visual identity, that will position the college as innovative and creative.

The Award for Design Excellence

sample elements with the geometric shapes and turquoise and violet colors for the norwegian academy of music
musicians practicing playing instruments