Mixing made easy

Music shouldn’t only be played. Music should be played with. We helped Vibble to turn listeners into creators.

the concept for vibble shown on various colored backgrounds and images of musicians

Identity Concept

The collaboration with Neue became crucial not only for the brand's identity, but for how the actual product idea should be presented.

Erlend Hausken, Vibble

vibble app for mixing music

App concept

branding for vibble shown on a tote bag with the text my teenage sister is a dj
brand typography for vibble
animation showing the concept for the vibble logo
vibbel logo on an image of a person making music on his iphone

sxsw loves vibble
vibbel logo on a person at a exhibition stand showing their product

Website: vibble.co
Get the App for free at Itunes
App by Dekode.no
Animation by Jørgen Håland