90 visit nordkyn logos generated over 90 days to illustrate the dynamic identity

Where the Cold Wind Blows

On Nordkyn, at the far north of Norway, everything exists at the mercy of the elements. Even its visual identity.


Nordkyn is the name of a peninsula in Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost county. It contains the small communities of Lebesby and Gamvik. Visit Nordkyn is an initiative by local businesses to increase and coordinate tourism in the area. A common visual identity was needed to improve collaboration and unify marketing efforts.


The people of Nordkyn are surrounded by nature, as well as making their livelihoods from it. Based on a new brand strategy and live meteorological data, Neue developed a dynamic logo that changes according to wind and temperature, in the same way the area itself changes with the weather. With the concept “The Mercy of the Elements” we were able to unite different municipalities and conflicting interests. The concept is widely implemented, from digital communication to physical signage.

logo concept for the visual identity
It is part logo, part useful information, part art. It is the intersection of design and technology.

Brad Flowers, Forbes

visit nordkyn brand image showing a birds view of the harsh winter landscape
visit nordkyn brand image showing a stranded boat by the sea during winter